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Restoration and extension Königsfelden Clinic

Windisch, Switzerland

Competition 1st prize 2014

Planning and execution 2014-2019


PDAG, Psychiatrische Dienste Aargau AG, Switzerland


Huggenbergerfries Architekten AG, Zurich, Switzerland

Team ZPF

Taylan Beyaşahin, Heike Egli-Erhart, Ana Maria Eigenmann, Nicolas Gamper, Flavia Hofmeier, Johanna Hohenwarter, Antje Käser-Wassmer, Dimitrios Mamadas, Jacqueline Pauli, Roberto Plaza, Nico Ros, Dario Ruff, Robert Vögtlin, Manuel Wehrle

The clinic's old main building, a large-scale complex with a kind of cour d'honneur, engraves itself into the context of the park at Königsfelden. The new building constitutes a counterpart of the main building, provides containment of the courtyard space at the north end and makes it a public part of the park grounds. The main building's central axis is reinforced by the new building and the ensemble is tethered to the clinic site's new main axis.


The new building is conceived as a three-wing complex. Each wing is arranged around an interior courtyard that illuminates the interior access areas. The central wing, with the largest interior courtyard, incorporates public uses on the ground floor. Wards are positioned on the three upper floors. The ground floor and the three upper floors have congruent floor space. Two thirds of this floor area has a basement level. The top floor is set back, producing a partly accessible roof terrace on the second upper floor.

© Beat Bühler, Zürich
© Beat Bühler, Zürich
© Beat Bühler, Zürich
© Beat Bühler, Zürich
© Beat Bühler, Zürich
© Beat Bühler, Zürich
© Beat Bühler, Zürich

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