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The art of


The structural engineers at ZPF Ingenieure advise and support clients and planning partners from the initial idea onwards, throughout all processes pertaining to construction: competitions, design planning, implementation planning and site supervision.

We specialise in technically demanding large-scale engineering projects, such as museums, industrial buildings, hospitals and schools. Our high standards regarding architecture and technical quality lead to extraordinary results.


We find the most structurally and aesthetically challenging construction projects particularly interesting. We see ourselves as the architects’ partner from idea to implementation and develop projects with them collectively.

Predetermined structures are assessed, and standardised procedures are questioned, which makes it possible to develop new strategies and find the optimum. Thus, in a creative process, we generate concepts for unique buildings and construction projects.

Cost-efficiency, assured quality and sustainability are our ultimate goal. We achieve this by working in a structured, goal-oriented way, but remaining inquisitive and visionary at the same time.

For success and customer satisfaction, the significance of a trusting connection with planning partners and clients is immense. It is important to us that everyone involved in the project achieves the goal collectively and with enthusiasm.

This team spirit is something that we also experience internally: engineers, designers, draughtspeople and administration staff build the future together.

Spectral planning.