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Conceiving and planning a structure as a whole: aesthetics and construction as one. We are convinced that adopting a holistic view of a building project improves efficiency and quality. Our spectral way of working is a direct result of this credo.

In the fragmented and complex world of construction, this approach may seem new, but it dates back to the old master builders. They taught us to keep an eye on everything. Today, we call this holistic thinking:

We take the entire spectrum of all lots into account and interconnect the individual disciplines. This is how we meet not only the aesthetic and technical requirements, but also the demand for increased cost-effectiveness and the huge ecological challenges.

© ZPF Ingenieure
Kunstmuseum Basel: Solid facade without dilatation joints
Underpinning St. Claraspital
Grosspeter Tower: Supervised construction in the railway environment
Underpinned St. Claraspital
Movable House: Composition of the segments
Asklepios: Fire protection and supporting structure in harmony
Construction of Movable House © WEISSWERT, Basel
Smart Living Lab: Timber structure
Temperature behaviour Helsinki Dreispitz

Added value

Our spectral way of working also generates added value for owners and investors: Anyone who understands a building as a whole, incorporating all construction lots and interfaces into their thinking, right through to fire protection, can also keep an eye on the overall costs – and save millions. This promise applies not only to the direct construction costs, but also to the building’s cost-effectiveness throughout its entire service life.

Architectural visions and creative methods are not at all incompatible with structured processes. We set high standards regarding architecture and technical quality, and combine these with efficiency. By means of excellent project management, we achieve precision in budgeting and scheduling. Our clients have absolute planning security.

Spectral planning.