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Zurich Children’s Hospital, Acute-care hospital

Zurich, Switzerland

Competition 1st prize 2011-2012

Project since 2014

Commencement 2018

Completion of building shell 12/2020

Planned occupancy 2024


Zurich Children’s Hospital – Eleonorenstiftung, Zurich, Switzerland

Architecture and Overall Direction

Herzog & de Meuron, Architecture
Gruner AG, Overall Direction

Team ZPF

Konstantinos Adamakos, Taylan Beyaşahin, Giancarlo Casutt, Enrico Cristini, Damian Dängeli, Heike Egli-Erhart, Meran Hassan, Flavia Hofmeier, Johanna Hohenwarter, Yannik Jaggi, Antje Käser-Wassmer, Luis Looser, Franck Mahler, Dimitrios Mamadas, Jonathan Mazzotta, Kata Aletta Orbán, Carlos Pacheco, Jacqueline Pauli, Fabio Pesavento, Roberto Plaza, Susanna Quaresma, Patrick Raulf, Nico Ros, Christian Rudin, Dario Ruff, Remo Thalmann, Kay Unterer, Sander van Baalen, Robert Vögtlin, André Weis, Ann-Christin Westkamp

The new building for Zurich Children’s Hospital in Lengg, Zurich, encompasses two parcels. The new acute-care hospital is being built on the southern plot, while the laboratory, teaching and research building LLF is being built on the northern plot. With a floor area of 77,300 m², the hospital will cover the full spectrum of specialist fields in child and adolescent medicine, as well as in paediatric surgery.


The new building is horizontally layered, whereby each floor is shaped by its respective functions: examination and treatment, emergency and intensive care on the ground floor; flexible offices surrounding a central examination and treatment area on the 1st floor; patient rooms on the 2nd floor; a car park, delivery zone and building services equipment underground.


The acute-care hospital’s load-bearing structure consists of a concrete skeleton with flat slabs, resting on columns and load-bearing walls in the core areas (stairwells, lift shafts etc.). This allows maximum flexibility for the desired complex range of uses, and simultaneously ensures that the hospital will maintain optimal framework conditions for the best possible modern medical care in the future.

© ARGE KISPI Herzog & de Meuron/Gruner AG
© ARGE KISPI Herzog & de Meuron/Gruner AG
© ARGE KISPI Herzog & de Meuron/Gruner AG
© ARGE KISPI Herzog & de Meuron/Gruner AG
Baustelle Akutspital © ZPF Ingenieure
Baustelle Akutspital © ZPF Ingenieure
© ARGE KISPI Herzog & de Meuron/Gruner AG

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