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Institutes for pathology and forensic medicine

St. Gallen, Switzerland

Competition 1st prize 2005

Project and realisation 2007-2011



Hochbauamt St.Gallen, Switzerland


Silvia Gmür und Reto Gmür, Basel, Switzerland

Team ZPF

Jörg Brändlin, Ana Maria Eigenmann, Antje Käser Wassmer, Alfred Männel, Sali Sadikaj, Alfred Schläpfer, Andreas Schnetzer, Caroline Wiesbrock, Andreas Zachmann


best architects 12

The new building for the institutes of forensic medicine and pathology is situated on the site of the St. Gallen Cantonal Hospital on the edge of the St. Fiden district and comprises two upper floors, one ground floor and two underground floors. The square volumes above and below ground are skewed in relation to each other, producing atriums and overlaps.

The laboratories can be freely partitioned with a grid spacing of 1.50 m and the technical infrastructure is independent from the laboratories: the utilities are distributed from the ring-shaped corridor, resulting in maximum flexibility.


The aluminium facade gives the complex spatial structure a uniform appearance. Sections have been cut out and folded out of the outer protective metal layer to reveal a second, glass skin. The folded-out metal elements become fixed brise-soleils that provide optimal protection from the sun while making maximum use of the light.

© Hélène Binet
© Hélène Binet
© Hélène Binet

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