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Helsinki Dreispitz

Münchenstein, Switzerland



EG Basel Dreispitz, St. Gallen, Switzerland


Herzog & de Meuron, Basel, Switzerland

Équipe ZPF

Jörg Brändlin, Heike Egli-Erhart, Helmuth Pauli, Sali Sadikaj, Andreas Schnetzer, Nico Ros, Christian Rudin, Andreas Zachmann

Helsinki Dreispitz is the first residential building on the Dreispitz site and encompasses 41 rental flats, as well as a storage area and offices. A juxtaposition of living, working and culture manifests itself on the Dreispitz site, as well as within this building. The storage area accommodates Herzog & de Meuron’s comprehensive archives and a collection of artworks belonging to the company. The offices are currently also used by Herzog & de Meuron.


Emanating from an almost trapezoidal footprint with dimensions of around 43 x 17/28 m on the ground floor, Helsinki Dreispitz comprises two underground floors, four base floors with storage and exhibition rooms, and eight office or residential floors. The outline of the largely closed-off base follows the pre-existing train tracks, while the upwardly tapering shape of the building, which is 40 m tall, adheres to the permissible clearance profile.

© Christian Rudin, ZPF Ingenieure
© Christian Rudin, ZPF Ingenieure
© Katja Fiebrandt, ZPF Ingenieure
© Katja Fiebrandt, ZPF Ingenieure
© Katja Fiebrandt, ZPF Ingenieure
© Christian Rudin, ZPF Ingenieure

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