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Museum of



Museum of Cultures

Conversion and expansion

Basel, Switzerland

Project 2003, 2007

Realisation 2008-2010


Stiftung Museum der Kulturen, Kanton Basel-Stadt, Hochbau- und Planungsamt, Basel, Switzerland


Herzog & de Meuron, Basel, Switzerland

Team ZPF

Ana Maria Eigenmann, Alfred Männel, Johann Christoph Model, Noor Musawi, Helmuth Pauli, Alfred Schläpfer, Andreas Schnetzer


Auszeichnung Guter Bauten Kanton Basel-Landschaft Kanton Basel-Stadt 2013

Prix Acier Recognition 2011, Swiss Steelworks Award

Melchior Berri's 1849 classicist structure was the first building to be constructed as a museum in German-speaking Switzerland and was a major intervention on the hill Münsterhügel at the time. When the collection in the so-called “Universal Museum” had grown considerably, the extension on the courtyard side was realised in 1917 by architects Vischer & Söhne. These different buildings have now been completely refurbished, made earthquake-resistant and given a new infrastructure. The museum can now be reached directly from Münsterplatz via the previously inaccessible rear courtyard, known as Schürhof. Part of the courtyard was lowered and an expansive, gently inclined flight of steps leads down to the new entrance.

© Mathias Frey
© Mathias Frey
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© Atelier Fontana
© Atelier Fontana
© ZPF Ingenieure
© Atelier Fontana
© ZPF Ingenieure

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