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GYB Intercantonal college of the Broye region

Payerne, Switzerland

Competition 1st prize 2001

Realisation 2002-2005


Cantons of Fribourg and Vaud, Switzerland


Boegli Kramp Architekten, Fribourg, Switzerland

Team ZPF

Jörg Brändlin, Ana Maria Eigenmann, Antje Käser-Wassmer, Helmuth Pauli, Caroline Wiesbrock, Alfred Schläpfer, Andreas Zachmann


Bauwelt Preis 2007
best architects 08
Nominated for DRA 2006, Distinction Romande d’Architecture

The intercantonal college's long structure with multiple bends and perforations sits on a hill overlooking Payerne and the Broye region. This school complex for around 800 pupils from 2 cantons accommodates over 70 rooms for classes and groups, administration, a library, a multi-purpose room, an assembly hall, a cafeteria and a triple gymnasium.


Its multifaceted nature is not instantly apparent on the outside. The concept is based on functional partitioning into four spatial areas, each with its own entrance and foyer. The spine of the complex is formed by a corridor that is around 300 metres long and flanked by classrooms on each side. Spatial caesuras with views of the surroundings and courtyard provide zones in which to linger.


The support structure of the school complex and gymnasium is made of concrete and pre-stressed concrete. The gymnasium's roof structure consists of wooden trusses. The farm's barn was traversed with spatial supporting structures made of timber slabs.

© Georg Aerni
© Georg Aerni
© Georg Aerni
© Georg Aerni
© Georg Aerni

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