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Living Lab.


Research building Smart Living Lab

Fribourg, Switzerland

Competition 1st prize 2019

Project and realisation 2019-2024


Smart Living Lab, Fribourg, Switzerland

blueFACTORY Fribourg-Freiburg SA, Switzerland


Behnisch Architekten, Stuttgart, Germany

HVAC, building physics

Drees & Sommer Schweiz AG, Basel, Switzerland

Team ZPF

Heike Egli-Erhart, Dimitrios Mamadas, Fabio Pesavento, Roberto Plaza, Nico Ros, Sander van Baalen

The Smart Living Lab, a research centre to address the future of the built environment, will occupy a central location on the former Cardinal brewery site in Fribourg. As part of the new blueFACTORY district, which aims to interconnect players from the worlds of business, innovation, culture and society, the SLL offers space for experimental interdisciplinary research into sustainable construction.


The design by the team comprising Behnisch Architekten, Drees & Sommer and ZPF Ingenieure impressed with its open, flexible, integrative and user-oriented nature, as well as its economical use of material and resources. According to the panel of experts, the winning team stood out because of collective intelligence, receptiveness and enthusiasm, with architects and engineers in close cooperation with each other. The aim of the study contract was to develop a structure that minimises energy consumption, with materials and construction methods carefully selected to optimise impact on its life cycle and to reduce grey energy.

Foto: Delphine Blauer
© Team HOP
© Team HOP
© Team HOP
© Team HOP
© Team HOP
Foto: Marilyne Anderson
© ZPF Ingenieure
© ZPF Ingenieure
© ZPF Ingenieure
© ZPF Ingenieure

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