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Kunstmuseum Basel, conversion and extension — façade

Basel, Switzerland

Competition 1st prize 2009

Project and execution 2010-2016


Hochbau-und Planungsamt Basel-Stadt, Switzerland


Christ & Gantenbein, Basel, Switzerland

Team ZPF

Jörg Brändlin, Enrico Cristini, Heike Egli-Erhart, Ana Maria Eigenmann, Antje Käser Wassmer, Luis Looser, Conor Murphy, Noor Musawi, Helmuth Pauli, Susanne Peterson, Alexandra Schmid, Andreas Schnetzer, Robert Vögtlin, Andreas Zachmann


Auszeichnung Guter Bauten Kanton Basel-Landschaft Kanton Basel-Stadt 2018

Wienerberger Brick Award 2018: «Grand Prize» und «Sharing Public Spaces»

Fritz-Höger-Preis 2017: Special Mention

Red Dot Award 2016 und IF Design Award Gold (Lichtfries)

With Kunstmuseum Basel’s new building, a prominent location in inner-city Basel has been reclaimed. The extended museum comprises two directly interrelating buildings on opposite sides of the street.


The facade, an archaic-looking grey brick wall with timeless character, is designed as self-supporting monolithic masonry. Much like the facade on the main building, the new building’s facade also appears to have the classical partitioning of base, body and top, due to the stones’ different light hues and the relief. The new building and main building speak the same language, but tell different stories.


The outer wall has a double skin and comprises an inner, load-bearing, bracing concrete wall and an outer brick facade in front. The distance between them is 28 cm (24 cm of insulation and 4 cm of empty space). Horizontally and vertically movable anchors between the inner and outer skins, as well as ductile facade corners, make the seamless masonry facade possible, enhancing the homogeneity of the building’s appearance.

Kunstmuseum Basel, © Julian Salinas
Kunstmuseum Basel, © Julian Salinas
Kunstmuseum Basel, © Julian Salinas
Kunstmuseum Basel, Photo: © Stefano Graziani
Kunstmuseum Basel, photo: © Stefano Graziani
© ZPF Ingenieure
Photo: Kunstmuseum Basel, © Julian Salinas
Foto: Kunstmuseum Basel, © Julian Salinas
© ZPF Ingenieure
Kunstmuseum, Auszugsversuch © ZPF Ingenieure
Kunstmuseum, Auszugsversuch © ZPF Ingenieure

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