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Building 95.


Production building 95

Roche site, Basel, Switzerland

Project 2003-2005

Construction start 9/2004

Shell finished 10/2005

Completion 2006


F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Basel, Switzerland


Herzog & de Meuron, Basel, Switzerland

Team ZPF

Jörg Brändlin, Ana Maria Eigenmann, Antje Käser Wassmer, Helmuth Pauli, Andreas Schnetzer, Caroline Wiesbrock, Andreas Zachmann


ISPE Award «Facility of the Year 2009»

Building 95, a high-tech structure on the premises of the firm F. Hoffmann-La Roche in the middle of Basel, was planned and constructed in a very short space of time. Nevertheless, this industrial building, with two floors below ground and seven above, meets the strictest of technical requirements.


The glass facade provides insight: when the rooms are lit in the evening, the equipment and support structure are revealed. A skeleton of steel and reinforced concrete extending throughout the seven upper floors, flat reinforced-concrete slabs, and steel supports made of square tubing constitute the load-bearing framework. In some places, the flat slabs are so reduced that the skeleton structure only remains evident as a grid framework. The building is reinforced by an infrastructural core that passes through all floors, as well as by the two underground floors' concrete walls. The support system enables flexible room usage and can transfer heavy loads – even a suspended tank weighing 35t. The high degree of prefabrication in the support system made it possible to construct the building shell in just 13 months.

© Katja Fiebrandt, ZPF Ingenieure
© ZPF Ingenieure
© ZPF Ingenieure
© ZPF Ingenieure
© Katja Fiebrandt, ZPF Ingenieure
© Katja Fiebrandt, ZPF Ingenieure

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