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Patented earth-timber floor slabs in robotic fabrication


Developed by ZPF Ingenieure in joint collaboration with Herzog & de Meuron and SENN for the Hortus project in Allschwil


Tobias Bonwetsch, Götz Hilber, Anna Hodel, Tobias Huber, Nico Ros, Remo Thalmann

Sustainable buildings for everyone.

Our start-up Rematter is committed to create circular, low carbon and equitable buildings by unlocking ingenuity, market knowledge and technology for a healthy built environment. With ingenuity, market knowledge and technology, the team of specialists in structural design, robotics, sustainability and finance is making the construction sector fit for the social-ecological future.

Rematter® floor slabs combine high-tech manufacturing with innovative material use to provide highly sustainable and price-competitive solutions for the construction industry. The products preserve vital building materials for the use of future generations.



The earth-timber floor slabs have been developed in a joint collaboration with Senn, Herzog & de Meuron and ZPF Ingenieure for the House of Research, Technology, Utopia and Sustainability (HORTUS). The office building aims to set new standards in construction regarding Cradle-to-Cradle design principles and sustainability.

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