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Office building Stahlton

Frick, Switzerland

Competition 1st prize 2008

Realisation 2011-2012


Stahlton Bauteile AG, Frick, Switzerland


Niklaus Graber & Christoph Steiger Architekten, Lucerne, Switzerland

Team ZPF

Heike Egli-Erhart, Antje Käser-Wassmer, Noor Musawi, Helmuth Pauli, Nico Ros, Andreas Zachmann

Stahlton Bauteile AG, headquartered in Frick, develops, produces and distributes innovative multifunctional products for the construction industry. Its new headquarters at the entrance to the town has a clear volume that provides a landmark in the anonymous miscellany of this industrial area. This reinforced-concrete structure with an underground floor, a ground floor and five upper floors serves as an office building and dispatch building.


The stacking of building sections produces a fascinating yet clear spatial structure that simultaneously presents delightful views of the valley Fricktal. Workrooms surround central courtyards that face away from noise sources, divide the floors into zones and facilitate floor-to-floor internal communication. The structure, mode of expression and selected materials constitute interpretations of themes that are of central importance to the firm. Here, special themes such as supporting, spanning, joining and stacking are condensed within a striking complex, enveloped by internally developed relief-like cladding made of glass-fibre-reinforced concrete.

© Dominique Marc Wehrli
© Dominique Marc Wehrli
© Dominique Marc Wehrli
© ZPF Ingenieure
© ZPF Ingenieure
© ZPF Ingenieure
© ZPF Ingenieure

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