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Range of


Alongside special solutions, such as complex steel and concrete structures, or seamless exposed concrete and masonry facades, our portfolio also includes composite structures and earthquake resistance measures.

Above-ground construction

  • Structural design
  • Concrete construction, steelwork, woodwork, masonry, composite construction
  • Dynamics: vibration analysis, earthquake concepts, earthquake resistance measures, seismic isolation
  • Prestressing of reinforced concrete structures, masonry and woodwork
  • Solid facades: consulting, concept and implementation, particularly for seamless exposed concrete and masonry facades
  • Special solutions: quarry stone refurbishments, insulating concrete, plastics etc.
  • Complex conversion work (also during ongoing operations)

Underground construction

  • Shallow foundations, pillar foundations, ground improvements
  • Temporary pit support systems: overlapping bored pile walls, Berlin-type support systems, underpinning (inside and outside buildings), soil nailing etc.
  • Seepage systems, drainage
  • Slope reinforcement: normal slopes and slip-off slopes
  • Bridge construction

BIM (Building Information Modeling)

  • Use of digital methods throughout entire planning process

  • Creation of load-bearing structure model

  • Model for drill-free zones (taboo zones)

  • Creation of plans from load-bearing structure model

  • Alignment of load-bearing structure model with architectural model via BCF and overlays

  • Visualisation of construction processes (4D BIM)

  • Exchange, annotation and documentation of voids (PfV)

Construction management

  • Site management, specialist site management (above-ground and underground construction)
  • Scheduling and budgeting, tendering, claim management


  • Expert reports
  • Structural analysis reviews
  • Concepts, preliminary studies, project initiation
  • Fire protection, structural physics, sustainability

Teaching and research

  • Participation in various professional associations and committees:
    > BWA nw, a watchdog for competitions and tendering in Northwestern Switzerland
    > SZS Technical Committee
    > SIA Specialised Group for Bridge and Structural Engineering (fbh)
  • Presentations at renowned universities and at symposiums
  • Collaboration with laboratories at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland and various scientific institutes

Partnerships and memberships